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Scene from "Lost". (ABC TV Media Photo)
"Lost" wins 6 Emmy Awards:

1. Outstanding Drama Series.

2. Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series - J J Abrams.

3. Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series

4. Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series.

5. Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore).

6. Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series.

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This photo of me (complete with scars from the plane crash and a 3-day beard) was taken by another extra, Happy Zurowski.

__ Waikiki, Hawai'i
My name is Paul Edney. I am just one of the background actors in the ABC TV series "Lost". I put up this website and it is dedicated to the background actors and actresses who play the roles of survivors of the plane crash in the show.

Many mahalos (thanks in Hawaiian) to Julie Carlson, the Casting Director who cast me in this exciting Emmy award-winning series (see her picture below in the Extras group shot, #16). Also, to Anna Fishburn , the Casting Director who continued to cast me in the first series.

The TV pilot (Part 1 of 2) premiered on Wednesday September 22nd 2004 nationwide in the U.S.A.

This website was started by me on July 27 2004 and will be updated regularly, depending on my available spare time. As you can see from my Resume, I have been working on a lot of Movies and TV Shows lately.
This website is not affiliated with ABC TV. All photos & videos are the property of their respective owners.

UPDATE: May 2006, I had the pleasure of working again with J J Abrams in California, right before he won his much deserved Emmy for "Lost". J J is the Director of "Mission Impossible III" and I play the part of an armed IMF Agent (see photo). (Grateful thanks to Jennifer at Central Casting for hiring me for the part). You can clearly see me about half way through "Mission Impossible III" as myself and another IMF agent escort a chained prisoner (Philip Seymour Hoffman) down the steps of a military airplane into a waiting paddy wagon surrounded by FBI agents. Tom Cruise is right behind me. The scene was shot at Ontario Airport in Southern California in August 2005. It sure is fun being an actor and working with professionals.

But this website is not just about me. This website is for all of us, especially for all of the other background actors and actresses who appeared in the pilot and the series episodes. Currently, the second series is in production on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i. We are all very excited about the show and there is plenty of enthusiasm on the set.

All of those who have worked as background actors on "Lost" can have their own webpage where they can post their own photos and resumés. Many of the background actors have their own photos taken on the set. I will only put up photos of the extras which show a minimal amount of the set in the background, as copyright may be involved (see Confidentiality Agreement).

The people of Hawaii saw a screening of the pilot on August 28th 2004 on Waikiki Beach. It was well received. The first part of the pilot was shown nationwide on TV on Wednesday September 22nd 2004. "Lost" was number 1 in the ratings.


Photo © Paul Edney 2004
Sign at the entrance to the "Lost" movie set at Mokule'ia Beach, O'ahu, during the shooting of the pilot.
Because the series is still being filmed, myself and other background actors are bound by a Confidentiality Agreement. This means that we cannot publish any photos of the stars taken on the sets. Nor photos showing entire sets. Nor can we divulge any details of the script, etc. This website intends to live up to this agreement. So please do not ask us to provide photos or details that would violate this agreement.

Without giving too much away, here is a general outline of the show.
Oceanic Airlines Logo. . Oceanic Airlines flight 815, a Boeing 777 airplane (actually an L10-11 jet airplane, see next paragraph) takes off from Sydney, Australia with passengers and crew on board. The final destination is Los Angeles, California. However, en route, the plane crashes on a supposedly deserted tropical island, somewhere near Fiji. The plane splits into two parts, with the cockpit and the front part landing in a jungle setting and the main fuselage on a tropical beach close to the water's edge. Many of the passengers and crew survive the crash. There are 48 survivors. However, the island turns out to be very mysterious and very strange things start happening to the survivors. A lot of the episodes will center on flashbacks of the survivors' previous lives.

The airplane was a surplus L10-11 that used to be flown by Delta Air Lines. Extras, including myself, discovered Delta Air Lines markings on several pieces of the wreckage. I found one marking on the interior of the main passenger door. This TV pilot is the most expensive one ever produced, mainly due to the cost of the plane and shipping it in pieces from California to Hawai'i. Then by road from Honolulu harbor to Mokule'ia Beach. There it was further demolished under the directions of Rick Romer, the Set Director (Rick was also the Set Director for "Fantasy Island", "Magnum P.I.", "Baywatch" etc.), and wreckage was scattered around the beach. The set was designed using photographs of actual plane crashes as a guide, so as to be as realistic as possible. A giant hinge was installed in one of the plane's wings, so it could collapse on cue creating a great special effect. Once the pilot was finished, the plane and wreckage were removed from the beach and stored at the side of Dillingham Airfield. When the series was ready to shoot, the plane and the wreckage were put back on the beach, but in a slightly different location, further down the beach away from Dillingham Airfield. The planes taking off with a glider in tow and the landings created many annoying interruptions during the shooting of the pilot. There were fewer interruptions by these planes during the shooting of the first series.

Delta Air Lines L10-11

OOPS ! An email received by "Lost" fan James Kunke of Texas, explains that the scenes showing the interior of the plane (all shot in Hollywood) do not match that of an actual L10-11 interior. James says there are too many galleys, not enough seats in Business Class, etc. Another fan says the interior is that of a Boeing 777 which matches the script, but not the exterior of the plane which is an L10-11.

SET LOCATION:Photo © Ace Caballero 2004

Almost the entire pilot and series will be shot in Hawai'i. The exterior scenes are being shot on locations around the island of O'ahu. The plane crash site (where the beach meets the road, at left) was filmed at Mokule'ia Beach, as described in the KITV Channel 4 news clip (see below under Video Clips). This is one of Oahu's remotest beaches and is next to the Dillingham Airfield (middle right) which mostly serves glider flight traffic.

The production company has a studio in a converted warehouse (the old Xerox building) in the city of Honolulu. This is where some of the interior shots will be filmed. Diamond Head Studio is also being used for interior shots for the second series. The only scene that we know of that was shot in Hollywood, California was the interior of the airplane before the crash.

Mahalo to hiker Ace Caballero of the U.S. Army who submitted this photo of the crash site, taken from the mountain top behind it.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: J J Abrams (of "Alias" fame). Winner of a 2005 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series ("Lost").
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk.
CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jack Bender, David Fury.
PRODUCERS: Sarah Caplan, Jean Higgins.
DIRECTOR: Jack Bender.
SET DIRECTOR: Rick Romer. (Rick owns a historic house on O'ahu - see Honolulu Star Bulletin article)

Cast of "Lost" at plane crash site. (ABC TV Media Photo)

MAIN CAST (in alphabetical order) and their CHARACTERS:
Click on a name to view their website (if any).
To add a Cast member website, click here.

Naveen Andrews - Sayid
(Iraqi soldier)
Emilie de Ravin - Claire
(pregnant passenger)
Matthew Fox - Jack
Jorge Garcia - Hurley Maggie Grace - Shannon Josh Holloway - Sawyer
Malcolm David Kelley - Walt Daniel Dae Kim - Jin Yunjin Kim - Sun
Evangeline Lilly - Kate Dominic Monaghan - Charlie
(drug-addicted rock star)
+ another fanclub website + another one
Terry O'Quinn - Locke
Harold Perrineau Jr - Michael Ian Somerhalder - Boone
+ Ian Somerhalder (in German)
Michelle Arthur - Flight attendant #3 Barry Brandt (Featured) L Scott Caldwell - Rose
John Dixon - Flight attendant #2 Greg Grunberg - The pilot Kimberley Hawryluk - Flight attendant #1
Frederic Lehne - Sky Marshall Nick Tate - Ray (Australian Farmer)


Notice the airline seats in the background which were used as set decoration.
Photo © Paul Edney 2004

BACKGROUND CAST (in alphabetical order):
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Marcia Ardino (14) Armado Cacho (8) Chris Candella (2) Judy Chamness Paul Edney (12)
Faith Fay (13) Juliette Goodell (19) Becky Goodman (23) Adelina Gregor (18) Kavika Isaia
Dane Justman (22) John Karaya (9) John Ludwig (6) Marjorie Mariano (15) Jim Mazzarella
Natalie Mei Lau Beth Merritt (25) Tony Natoli * (27) Kathleen O'Neill (5) Bryan Sato (24)
Ivana Smith (28) Aden Stay (1) Jason Triplett
Dustin Watchman (20)
Rand Wilson * (17)
John Yee
Happy Zurowski (10)
Aaron *
Ben (11)
Claudia *
Darrell *
James *
Peter (4)
Tara (7)
Wayne Geiger (3)

Not all background actors are represented in the above photo. #16 is Julie Carlson, Casting Director for the pilot and the second series. #21 is Lilian Awa, a Production Assistant.

Background - Screen Actors Guild members shown in red. List is not quite complete. Some last names are needed.
* Denotes a Stand-In actor (full time only shown), either in the pilot or series, or both.

In the U.S.A. - Wednesdays 9pm Eastern time, 8pm Central time.
For an outline of each episode's story (provided by ABC), click on the Episode number.
Reruns in red.

Episode 1 - A Tale of Two Cities - October 4 2006
Episode 2 - The Glass Ballerina - October 11 2006
Episode 3 - Further Instructions - October 18 2006
Episode 4 - - October 25 2006
Episode 5 - - November 1 2006

In the U.S.A. - Wednesdays 9pm Eastern time, 8pm Central time.
For an outline of each episode's story (provided by ABC), click on the Episode number.
Reruns in red.

Episode 1 - Man of Science, Man of Faith - September 21 2005
Episode 2 - Adrift - September 28 2005
Episode 3 - Orientation - October 5 2005
Episode 4 - Everybody hates Hugo - October 12 2005
Episode 5 - ... And Found - October 19 2005
October 26 - Rerun
November 2 - Rerun
Episode 6 - Abandoned - November 9 2005
Episode 7 - The Other 48 Days - November 16 2005
Episode 8 - Collision - November 23 2005
Episode 9 - What Kate Did - November 30 2005
December 7, 14, 21 & 28 - Reruns
January 4 - No airing due to Rose Bowl Football Game
Episode 10 - The 23rd Psalm - January 11 2006
Episode 11 - The Hunting Party - January 18 2006
Episode 12 - Fire & Water - January 25 2006
Episode 13 - The Long Con - February 8 2006
Episode 14 - One of Them - February 15 2006
Episode 15 - Maternity Leave - March 1 2006
Episode 16 - The Whole Truth - March 22 2006
Episode 17 - Lockdown - March 29 2006
Episode 18 - Dave - April 5 2006
Episode 19 - S.O.S. - April 12 2006
Episode 20 - Two For The Road - May 3 2006
Episode 21 - ? - May 10 2006
Episode 22 - Three Minutes - May 17 2006
2-hour Finale - Live Together, Die Alone - May 24 2006

Airing times and episodes are subject to change at any time.

In the U.S.A. was shown on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern time, 7pm Central time.
For an outline of each episode's story (provided by ABC), click on the Episode number.
Reruns in red.
Pilot (Part 1 of 2) - September 22 2004
Pilot (Part 2 of 2) - September 29 2004
Saturday October 2 2004 - Reruns, Pilot Parts I & II.
Episode 3 - Tabula Rasa - October 6 2004
Episode 4 - Walkabout - October 13 2004
Episode 5 - White Rabbit - October 20 2004
Episode 6 - House of the Rising Sun - October 27 2004
Episode 7 - The Moth - November 3 2004
Episode 8 - Confidence Man - November 10 2004
Episode 9 - Solitary - November 17 2004
November 24 2004 - No showing of "Lost" due to a 2-hour broadcast of "The Bachelor"
Episode 10 - Raised by Another - December 1 2004
Episode 11 - All the best Cowboys have Daddy issues - December 8 2004
December 15, 22 & 29 - Reruns
Episode 12 - Whatever the Case may be - January 5 2005
Episode 13 - Hearts and Minds - January 12 2005
Episode 14 - Special - January 19 2005
January 26 & February 2 - Reruns
Episode 15 - The Homecoming - February 9 2005
Episode 16 - Outlaws - February 16 2005
Episode 17 - In Translation - February 23 2005
Episode 18 - Numbers - March 2 2005
March 9, 16, 23 - Reruns
Episode 19 - Deus Ex Machina - March 30 2005
Episode 20 - Do No Harm - April 6 2005
April 13 & 20 - Reruns
April 27 - Lost: The Journey (clips showing the story so far in a linear mode)

Episode 21 - The Greater Good - May 4 2005
Episode 22 - Born to Run - May 11 2005
Episode 23 - Exodus - Part 1 - May 18 2005
Episode 24 - Exodus - Part 2 - May 25 2005

Australia - Channel 7. Nothing at their website just yet.
Austria - Pilot premiered October 6 2004 on pay channel "Premiere". Webpage about the show in Deutsche (German).
Brazil - AXN Brasil
Canada - A special two-hour premiere (Pilots Parts 1 and 2 back-to-back) aired on Saturday, October 2 2004 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.
France - a lot of interest shown from this country (4 french websites about "Lost"). So expected showing sometime.
Germany - Pilot premiered on October 6 2004 on pay channel "Premiere". Webpage about the show in Deutsche (German).
Germany - Now on Pro7 Channel.
Hong Kong - AXN ASIA TV
New Zealand - TV2
Phillippines - AXN ASIA TV
South Korea - expected showing on some TV channel here since Jin & Sun are both Korean and speak Korean in the pilot.
Sweden - TV4
Thailand - AXN ASIA TV
U.K. - Channel 4. (premiered July 2005)

Ain't It Cool
- interview with Damon Lindelof, Executive Producer of "Lost"
Business Week article September 30 2004. (combined review of "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives")

David Fury - Co-Executive Producer of "Lost"
article August 9 2004
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
- article on Dom Monaghan August 23 2004
San Francisco Chronicle article September 22 2004.

magazine article
VIDEO CLIPS (all in .wmv format, will open in Windows Media Player):
ABC TV promotion at the end of the program "Alias" (also produced by J J Abrams).
ABC TV promotion #1
(unzip first to play)
ABC TV promotion #2
(unzip first to play)
KITV Channel 4 News, Honolulu
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Unofficial fansite

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